Towards a greener future

Many people think that plastics are negative to the environment, perhaps due to reports of plastic waste in our oceans and plastic debris polluting the earth. That plastic produced from oil instantly means greenhouse gas emissions. However, when rightly used, plastic could be the most environmentally friendly option.


  • Thermoplastics can be recycled and become new plastic products.
  • Energy usage throughout the production process is lower than for many alternative materials.
  • The material allows for lower weight in packaging and vehicles, which results in a reduced CO2 net emission over a product's life cycle.

We at August Lundh are constantly working to contribute towards the tough environmental goals set by our customers and our own organization, and our ambition is to be the industry leader when it comes to environment and sustainability.

We are proud of our environmentally certified production, but we also want to do more than just comply with current legislation. We manufacture products that will last, and that will contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

To achieve this, we need to work preventively to reduce environmental impact and for that reason we always strive to improve. Therefore, we are currently investing in innovative, environmentally friendly raw materials, recycling and cooperation’s with like-minded companies.
Miljövänliga materialval


In order to take our environmental work even further, we have introduced a new, environmentally friendly bioplastic to our Malko-Progress range.

Traditional plastics are made of raw oil, but bio-based plastics also consist of biologically produced raw materials, such as starch. Adding biodegradable resources reduces CO2 emissions, which in turn, means that the environmental impact is drastically reduced.

Our bio-based plastic keeps the same high quality as traditional plastic and is 100 % recyclable.

Grön produktion


Plastic production is very energy-intense. Therefore, in 2018 our producing sister company Mälarplast installed a solar cell plant on top of the production roof.

The plant provides approximately 120 MWh per year, which corresponds to the annual consumption of electricity for the production of August Lundh's products, or ca 10% of the total electricity consumption of the entire production.

Our environmental investments make us and our plastic production one of Sweden's most environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives.


We strive to recycle as much as possible of the waste and scraps from our production site located in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The waste is sorted, ground down, and can thereafter be used to produce new products.

Our products are designed to withstand intense use. Over time, all plastic products will however wear out and will need replacing.

The plastic we manufacture our products in is 100 % recyclable. By leaving your plastic waste to a recycling station, you can also help reduce the environmental impact.