Safeserve - For independent living

Eating good nutritious food contributes to our well-being and health. Most people in our part of the world have access to healthy food, but who due to age, illness and physical disabilities still suffer from malnutrition.

We believe that everyone has the right to a good dining experience.That is why we have developed Safeserve, a range of products that have been specially designed for people with cognitive, motor, or physical disabilities.

Our products promote appetite and helps the user to eat independently. A meal is more than just the food on the plate. Independent eating often means an improved quality of life.

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Bricka - Safeserve August Lundh

Tray with antislip
Durable polypropylene tray with an effective anti-slip coating.

Näsmugg med piplock och handtag - Safeserve August Lundh

Nose cup withdouble handles
Versatile nose cup with removable spout and handles.

Funktionstallrik - Safeserve August Lundh

Assisted dining plate
With a high rim and friction base.

Tallrikslock - Safeserve August Lundh

Plate cover
For easy meal transportations.