Our strategic partners

High quality products, excellent customer service and timely deliveries are our key concerns. In order to be the best we only work with the best. Our sister company Mälarplast manufactures most of our products, but we also work with other companies in order to be able to offer top quality products for the professional kitchen.


Mälarplast are experts in the field of plastic material and they have the production facilities to provide August Lundh and our clients with all types of plastic products. Mälarplast can offer special colours, print, materials or even entirely new designs on request.

The production is run in accordance with LEAN/5S and ensures a full traceability and quality control of each product batch. Mälarplast’s customers can be found both in global companies with strong brand names such as ABB, Bombardier, SAS and Volvo, to smaller sole traders and innovators. Although the main market focus is local, Mälarplast export to many countries all around the world.

Mälarplast is constantly working on environmental improvements and minimizing production waste. This is why many parts manufactured by Mälarplast originate from recycled materials or bio plastics.



In 2016 we added two new partners, Roltex NV and Harfield Ltd.

Both companies share our passion for service, sustainability and high quality products, all manufactured here in Europe.

This new partnership enables us to offer the entire Roltex and Harfield extensive range of products to you through August Lundh. Together we create EPIQ – European Producers in Quality.