Green Loop System

Green Loop System is a circular model in which products for commercial kitchens are reused in the business instead of being bought in, used and then thrown away. We offer a unique system where we make use of the beneficial properties of bisphenol-free bioplastic and reuse it 100% for the best possible environmental outcome.
Products in the Green Loop System are based on the MALKO™ range of well-known plastic tableware, serveware and equipment developed for demanding environments. The products are produced only in materials that are free from bisphenols and phthalates. They are approved for use with food and fulfil the requirements of and directives from the Swedish National Food Agency, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are also approved in accordance with the EU REACH chemical regulations. Through recirculation, we extend the life of the products, which can be recycled over and over again for at least 30 years before their quality is affected.

Products in the Green Loop System are also marked with the recycling triangle which indicates that they are recyclable and the glass/fork symbol which indicates that they have been approved for use with food. Our products are often also marked with date and material codes to allow full traceability, right back to the raw materials level. Traceability means that we can guarantee the quality of our products at all levels.


Plastic in general has unique properties which mean it can be recycled without affecting its quality. What’s more, the light weight of plastic means lower carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the transport of both raw materials and finished products. This means that when managed correctly, plastic is the most climate-smart choice compared to materials such as porcelain, melamine and opal glass.

Material comparison climate impact, energy consumption and material consumption (Studies in Swedish)
Impact of the circular system on climate and resources - Plate
Impact of the circular system on climate and resources - Cutting board
Impact of the circular system on climate and resources - Food pan

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Ergonomics and the work environment

Products made from plastic last much longer than those made from porcelain or glass and don’t smash if they are dropped on the floor. This makes the Green Loop System the natural choice for environments where children can be found.
Loud students, scraping furniture, kitchen equipment and rattling crockery are some of the reasons why school canteens are often the places where noise levels are at their highest. In a fully-packed school canteen, noise levels can reach 75-80 dB(A), which can damage hearing over time, according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

High noise levels contribute to increased stress levels and reduced energy levels among students. A noisy canteen can therefore lead to poorer academic results, as students don’t get the recovery time they need. They can also lead to students skipping meals, which can have a direct impact on their energy levels and motivation. High noise levels are also a major problem in the work environment of the people who are employed in the canteens.

By replacing porcelain and glass with the Green Loop System, noise levels in canteens can be reduced by 11-19 dB(A). Reducing noise levels in the higher frequency range where our hearing is most sensitive, we improve the work environment for both staff and students.

Another aspect of the work environment in commercial kitchens is physical. Working in a commercial kitchen is often physically demanding, with heavy lifting identified as a major risk factor. In one study, 37% of Sweden’s chefs said that they had problems directly linked to their physical work environment. Lifting heavy items such as dishwashing racks can cause strain injuries to the arms, shoulders, neck and wrists.

A full rack of porcelain plates weighs approximately 10 kg. A full rack of plates from the Green Loop System weighs just 3 kg. The light weight of the products can therefore reduce wear and tear injuries among staff and help to maintain a generally good physical work environment.

Leasing is better than buying

The aim of the Green Loop System is to offer the best, most environmentally-friendly option on the market for commercial kitchens and the catering industry. Because we reuse materials, the financial value of our products is also retained.

Kitchen equipment is an essential and sometimes costly investment for public sector businesses. One of the strongest arguments for hiring or investing in a subscription service for equipment is the flexibility this offers. By leasing tableware and serveware instead of buying it in, you can get exactly what your business needs.

Financial benefits
  • Free up resources for your core business
  • A more even cost base
  • Flexible agreements suited to your business

The Green Loop System saves time, staff and capital. We design agreements to suit your business, not vice versa. This frees up resources which can instead be invested in your core business.


All products in the Green Loop System are manufactured in our own factory in Eskilstuna. The fact that the Green Loop System is manufactured in Sweden means short delivery distances with less carbon dioxide emissions from trucks and ships.

The products in the Green Loop System are largely made of bioplastic. Bioplastic is a type of plastic that contains starch from nature, such as corn, peas or hemp. By adding natural biomass, we further reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


We send the products directly to your business where they are used as normal for an average of 4 years. For a school, this means that each plate serves an average of 800 portions of food before the plate needs to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Green Loop System contributes to an improved working environment, and the products are safer to use than ordinary glass and porcelain, which is appreciated by both staff and diners.


Over time, the products from the Green Loop System will become a little scratched and worn. Then they are sent back to our factory where they are ground down to granules which we then make new products from.

A plate can be recycled at least 7 times before it can leave the Green Loop System to become a completely new product, or it is sent for energy recovery.

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