August Lundh AB was established in 1921 as a metal manufactory by its owner with the same name. Today, we have an extensive line of plastic products for the professional kitchen. We deliver kitchen utensils to wholesale companies in the hotel, restaurant and catering business as well as to the public sector in Sweden as well as globally.

Our products’ common denominators are catering industry approved, durable and easy to use, Swedish quality standards and attractive design and versatility.

Our vision is to be one of the market leaders for the supply of food service products and we fulfil and exceed our customer’s requirements through the continual development of our operations with respect to both quality and delivery assurance. We provide an environmentally friendly option with our designed, top quality products manufactured in Sweden for the professional kitchen.

August Lundh are part of the Wallent Group, an industrial conglomerate also controlling our sister companies Mälarplast and PolymerDon who manufactures all products from Malko, Malko Progress and Travel Catering by August Lundh. The production site is located in the Greater Stockholm area of Sweden which enable us to hold a substantial stock inventory as well as being able to quickly produce on demand. The production is certified according to ISO standards 9001 and 14000.

Knowledge, quality and timely deliveries are key concepts in our operations.

Our history

In 1921 Aug. Lundhs Metallmanufaktur AB was registered in the Kungligt Kommerskollegium by its founder, August Lundh. After his death, the business was taken over by his son Tore Lundh and his wife Margareta Lundh.

Evert Lundkvist, Folke Pettersson, Stig Johansson and Tore Norén bought the company from Margareta in 1947 and in 1990 it was sold to Proderma and Lars Elis Karlsson. When Lars Elis retired in 1995, his son Peter Karlsson took over his part of the business.

In 2001 August Lundh was aquired by the Wall family to form a company group with Mälarplast. Our operations are based at a factory on Vilsta industrial estate in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In 2007 we bought Malko, whose plates with their characteristic granite pattern are often seen in schools and nursery schools in Sweden. This move initiated the transformation of August Lundh.

In 2009, the last of over 500 000 whistling kettles was produced, and since then the company has focused fully on providing food service operators with designed, quality plastics catering products.

At the beginning of 2010, Mälarplast signed a long term contract with the airline SAS for the supply of Inflight Catering Equipment in plastics.

These products include special containers and trays as well as an award-winning serving pot. At the same time, it was decided that August Lundh would wake the responsibility for the sale of the product range to other foodservice operators under the trademark Travel Catering by August Lundh.